Bee Light Yoga offers a safe and welcoming space to explore your practice.  Our cozy studio and small class sizes provide a nurturing and non-competitive atmosphere for all. 

It's been said that the outer expression of the posture is secondary to the inner transformation occurring.  Embracing that truth, we begin to move and grow from the inside out.  When we let go of what we think the pose should look like and shift the focus to how it feels in our body, a wondrous thing happens.  We allow the pose to unfold, rather than forcing or making it happen.  We keep practicing, and start to notice that even off our mats, we start to allow things to unfold and instead of reacting, we respond.  When we do react, we catch ourselves a bit sooner.  We see the benefit of allowing space around things, events, emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations, of practicing compassion toward ourselves on and off the mat.  And we start to realize, that everything we do is an opportunity to practice. 

Bee well and bee light!




Bee Light Yoga

94 Village Square, Route 322, Honey Brook, PA 19344           610-273-7369

May you bee light in mind, body, and spirit!

Studio will bee closed through Monday, July 7.  Classes resume Tuesday, July 8.